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They are similar figures.

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Q: What is figures that can have the same shape but not necessarly the same region figure?
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Related questions

What is figures that can have the same shape but not necessarily the same region figure?

They are similar shapes.

What Figure that have the same shape?

figures that are congruent have the same shape

How do you find the area of composite figures?

A figure (or shape) that can be divided into more than one of the basic figures is said to be a composite figure (or shape). The area of a composite figure is calculated by dividing the composite figure into basic figures and then using the relevant area formula for each basic figure.

What figures are quadrilateral?

Any figure or shape that does not have four sides.

What is confident figure?

The figures which are having exactly same size and shape are termed as convenient figures

What is an irregular figure?

a irregular figure is not a particular shape it may have two or more figures in to make a irregular figure

What is a congruent shape?

Congruent figure(s) (shapes) are two figures that have the same size AND shape.

What is a simmilar figures?

A similar figure is proportionally the same shape as another figure and all the angles are the same.

What is a 3d Shape?

3D is a term used to describe space figures. They occupy space and have volume. A 3D shape is also called solid figure , solid shape , space figure and 3D figure.

How can you tell that the figures are congruent?

In order for a figure to be congruent, it has to be the same shape and size.

Which figure is not always equilateral?

Most figures are not equilateral. If any two sides of a shape are of different length then the shape is not equilateral.

Figures that same shape but not necessarily the size?

Your question is not clear. Please reword and clarify. similar=two figures that have the same shape, but not necessarily the same size

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