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Trigonometry came first thousands of years ago. Calculus was only discovered several hundered years ago.

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Q: What is first trigonometry or calculus?
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Is trigonometry part of calculus?

It is certainly used in calculus, just as calculus can be used in trigonometry.

What is after trigonometry?

Generally pre-calculus is taken after trigonometry, unless the trigonometry course was supplemented by a pre-calculus course, in which case the next course would be calculus.

What is Higher than trigonometry?


Do you need to know trigonometry to do calculus?

Trigonometry isn't required to learn calculus, but it does help you to understand some of the concepts. Geometry, however, is usually required before taking a course in trigonometry.

What has the author Earl William Swokowski written?

Earl William Swokowski has written: 'Fundamentals of Algebra & Trignometry' 'Functions and graphs' -- subject(s): Graphic methods, Functions, Trigonometry, Algebra 'Algebra and trigonometry' -- subject(s): Plane trigonometry, Algebra 'Psm Fundamentals of Algebra & Trigonometry' 'Fundamentals of trigonometry' -- subject(s): Analytic Geometry, Geometry, Analytic, Plane Trignometry, Plane trigonometry, Trignometry, Plane 'Fundamentals of college algebra' -- subject(s): Textbooks, Algebra 'Laboratories Using Mathematica - Calculu' 'S.G. Volume 2 - Calculus' 'Calculus (Calculus)' 'Calculus/Late Trigonometry Version' 'Mac Maple Notebook - Calculus' 'Fund of Trigonometry - Study Guide/Pssm' 'Calculus' -- subject(s): Analytic Geometry, Calculus 'Precalculus' -- subject(s): Algebra, Graphic methods, Functions, Trigonometry, Plane trigonometry 'Fundamentals of college algebra' -- subject(s): Textbooks, Algebra 'Psm - Precalc' 'Calculus 7e' 'Theorist Notebook - Calculus 6e'

How can you get into calculus?

Typically, the pre-requisite for calculus is algebra and trigonometry. These are usually universally required because you need these skills to actually do the mathematics of the calculus. There are a lot of identities in trigonometry that you will wish you could remember when you are working with calculus of trigonometric functions.

Which math used in mechanicl first year students?

A first year student would use mechanics, geometry, trigonometry, coordinate geometry, algebra, differential calculus, integral calculus.

Why do you need to study trigonometry?

Trigonometry is essential to the study of higher mathematics (calculus) and to the understanding of many scientific and engineering principles. Trigonometry and calculus can be used to model many shapes, motions, and functions in daily life.

What is the difference between calculus and trigonometry?

Calculus is the study of instantaneous and cumulitive growths of functions with respect to two or more variables. Trigonometry is the study of angles, specifically in triangles.

Why learn trigonometry?

Trigonometry is engineering math, but If you are going to study something in physics, or science, (basically this is "applied science"), you will need lots of calculus. calculus appears a lot in "Stargate".

Do you need precalculus to be successful in calculus?

yes. as the name implies, pre-calculus is essential in Calculus. Much of the trigonometry and the ideas will carry into the carious Calculus classes.

What is the other name of trigonometry?

geometry 2, or pre-calculus