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what im trying to say is i need that sentence in a equation i need it by tomorrow please

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Q: What is five less than a number t equals another number r plus six in an equation?
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In a number plane if x equals negative 2 y equals 9 and in the same plane another x equals negative 1 and y equals 7 what is the linear equation?

A suitable equation for that would be y is equal to negative 2 times x plus five

What is the equation for One less than five times a number equals five more than three times the number?

Represent the number by n. The equation is 5n - 1 = 3n +5, and the solution is n = 3.

What equation equals forty nine and only uses the number five?


What is seven more than the quotient of a number and nine equals five?

It is the equation: x/9 + 7 = 5

Is three times a number plus five equals twenty and expression or an equation?

It is an equation in the form of: 3x+5 = 20 and the value of x works out as 5

What is an example of a word equation?

Three times twenty five equals seventy five.

What Have of a number equals five?


Five less than the quotient of a number and 4 is 15 What is the number?

First write the equation for this which is (n / 4 ) - 5 = 15. The number is 80. 80 divided by 4 equals 20 and 20 minus 5 equals 15.

Five less than a number equals ten?

15 − 5 = 10Therefore the number is 15

Why is 125 a cube number?

Five to the 3rd power equals 125. Five cubed equals 125.

What is an equation using five 2's that equals 3?

2+2+2+2+2-7 This is an equation that uses 5 2's yet equals 3.

What is y equals five minus one fourth x?

It is a linear equation in two variables

-7 plus 12?

The equation -7 plus 12 equals out to be five. This is a math problem.

What number to the fourth power equals 256?


What is the answer to six times a number plus eight equals five times the same number minus five?

The number is -13.

What is an equation for a number subtracted from five is ten?


Fraction with a denominator of five equals the whole number five?


What is an equation using five 2's that equals 34?

2(2 + 2)2 + 2

What is the alegbraic equation of the product of a number and five is -20?

The product of a number and 20

What number divided by five equals eight?

40 divided by five equals eight, so the answer is 40. But sorry if im too late

What times five equals 65?

Equation: 5x = 65 5x / 5 = 65 / 5 x = 13

How many different values for x make the equation x equals 5 true?

One, the value five.

What is5-1 6?

The equation five take away sixteen equals out to be eleven. This is known as a math problem.

What is the equation of five more than half a number?

x/2 + 5

What is five more that twice a number is W?

It is the equation W = 2n + 5.