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6x7=42 42+5=47 5 over 6x7=47

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What is one over seven times six?

It is six over seven.

What does eighty five over seven times thirty five over six equal?

85/7 x 35/6 = 2975/42 = 425/6

Eight over seven divide by six over five?


What is the difference of six times a number if seven results in 35?

If seven times a number results in 35, then six times a number would be five less.

What is six minus five and four over seven?

3 over 7

What does thirteen over fifty six plus five over seven equals?

fifty-three over fifty-six

What is six over seven multiplied by one over five equal?

6 over 35

What is seven over eight times six over thirty five times five over nine?

7/8 x 6/35 x 5/9 = (7×6×5)/(8×35×9) = 1/12 ≈ 0.083333

What is three times six added to seven times five?

18+35 = 53

What is five over six times 7 over 1?


What is the answer to five over twelve plus one over six?

seven over twelve. fraction form

What is five firths plus thirteen seventh?

one and six over seven

What is ninety-eight times eighty-seven?

eight thousand, five hundred twenty six

What is five over six times m if the product is two and one over six?

IThe answer IS given: as 21/6!

What is the answere to the fraction. six over seven minus five over seven?

6/7 - 5/7 = 1/7

What is five times six?

Five times six is thirty. (5x6=30)

What is three over five plus six over eight?

one and seven over twenty 1 7/20

What is 29.5675 in word form?

That is "twenty nine point five, six, seven, five"

What is one half two over 3 divided by three over four minus four over five times five over six?


How many times can seven go into twenty?

Twice, with six left over.

Five sixths times two and two thirds times three?

four two over six

What is six times seven plus eighty-nine point five?

One hundred and thirty one point five.

What is seven times by six?

The Answer is 42 (7x6=42) seven times six is 42.

How many times does seven go into 43?

Six times, with one left over.

What is the answer to Six over twenty five plus seven over fifteen?

6/25 + 7/15 = 53/75