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What is 5x4 and one sixth

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Q: What is five times four and one sixth?
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What is four and two thirds plus five and one sixth?

Nine and five sixth

What is five sixth minus one half?

One half = three sixth, so the answer is two sixth.

What is one sixth plus four sixths?

One sixth plus four sixths equals five sixths, or 5/6.

One sixth times four fifths?


What is five sixths - one sixth?

4/6 Four sixths

How many sixth are in one-whole and five-sixth?

You have to add six and five...

Which one is greater one sixth or five sixth?

Five of anything is generally greater than one of them.

Is four sixths bigger than five sixths?

It isn't bigger. It is smaller by one sixth.

What is the product of five and one sixth times two and one fourth?

5 times 15 times 2, 25= i dont know

If one and one third- five sixth how much is that?


What is one seventh times four sixth?

two over twenty-one, 0.0952380925..., or 9.52%.

What is the answer for four and five sixth minis two and one twelve plus reducing?

2 and 3/4

What is 19 times one-sixth?

Three and one-sixth.

What is one sixth times four?

1/6 times 4 = 2/3 in its simplest form

5 times 1 equal 5 times 1 plus 4 times?

Well, five times one is five, five times five is 25, plus one is 26, times 4 is one-hundred four. So your answer is 104

What is one sixth plus one sixth plus one third?

four-sixth or two-thirds

Is five sixth greater than one fourth?

Is five sixth greater Than one forth

What is four seven plus one sixth?

the answer is 7 and one sixth

How many sixth are in one whole and five sixth?

11 of them.

What is five sixth minus two thirds?

One sixth is.

What is seven and one sixth plus five and one fourth plus five and one sixth?

seventeen and seven over twelve

What is one eighth times five sixths times four fifths?


How many times does five go into 21?

Four times remainder one.

What is five sixths minus four sixths?

One sixth. As the denominator (bottom number) is the same on both sides, simply take four away from five, and keep the denominator the same.

What is five sixths divided by five?

One sixth