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49/50 is equal to .98 as a decimal.

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Q: What is forty-nine over fifty?
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What does thirteen over fifty six plus five over seven equals?

fifty-three over fifty-six

What is the factor ofsixteen x squared-fortynine y squared?

(4x - 7y)(4x + 7y)

What is fortynine times thirty six equals?

Taking 49 times 36 will give you a total of 1,764

Name of number 236749 in Indian system?

Two lakhs thirtysix thousand seven hundred and fortynine.

What is fifty-five over twelve as a mixed number?

Fifty-five over twelve as a mixed number = 47/12

Can fifty-four over 3 be simplified?

Yes, 54/3 (fifty-four over three) is equivalent to 18.

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What is the decimal number for forty five over fifty eight?

The decimal number for forty five over fifty eight (45/58) is: 0.775862

In cricket how many balls per over did they have in Australia fifty years ago?

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How do you simplify 8 over 100?

4 over fifty or 2 over 25

What is fifty over seventy in simplest form?

5 over 7

What is the whole number for fifty three over one hundred?

153, or One hundred fifty-three.

What is the sum of ten over fifty four plus forty nine over fifty four?

10/54 + 49/54 = 1 whole and 5/54 :-)

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my penis ;)

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What is five over fifty as a decimal?


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How many times can six go in to fifty?

Fifty can be divided by six eight times with two left over

Fifty over seventy five reduced with primefactorzation?

2 over 3

What is seven over fifty as a percent?

7 over 50 equals 14%.