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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is forty cents of every dollar for one thousand and forty dollars?
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What currency do they use in US?

The US$ (the US Dollar) Americans use dollars and cents. there are 100 cents in every dollar.

How many cents in 2.95?

in 2 dollars and 95 cents there is 295 cents because every dollar is 100 cents

How many dollars in 100 dimes?

every dollar = 100 cents every dime = 10 cents 100 dimes = 10 cents x 100 = 1000 cents 1000 cents / 100 cents = 10 groups of 100 cents every group of 100 cents = 1 dollar. So $10

How much is 8 percent sales tax in dollars?

8 cents tax for every dollar.

How much is twenty five thousand rand worth in American dollars?

its 7.5 rand for every one dollar

How much is 100 dollars plus tax?

Well if it is canada tax that woukd be 15 cents on every dollar so maybe around 120 dollars

How many American dollars is a british dollar?

There is no such thing as the British dollar. The British currency is the pound (symbol '£'), divided into 100 pence. It is one dollar 59 cents for every sterling pound.

How much is 600 dollars in rupees?

allthough the rate of dollar to ruppee varies every day in cents but genreally it remain nearer to approx 50 ruppee per dollar so 600 dollars = 600X50 ie. 30000 ruppee

How many dollars is 5000 cents?

There are 100 cent in 1 dollar. To work this equation, the algebraic formula would look something like this: X/1=5000/100 You know that for every 100 cents, there is 1 dollar. You would want to see how many times you can take 100 cents (1 dollar) out of the 5000 cent. This can be done 50 times. There are 50 dollars in 5000 cent.

Meaning of ten cents on the dollar?

"Ten cents on the dollar" is what somebody is paying compared to what they actually owe. For every dollar of debt, they are paying ten cents--not an additional ten cents. So if they owe $10, they are paying $1.

A quarter is what percent of a dollar?

Due to the fact that there are 25 cents for every 100 cents, the value of a quarter equals 25% of the value of a dollar.

How much sales tax would be on 385 dollars at a 6sales tax?

If my math is correct, it would be 23 dollars? 385.00 x 0.06 - since 6c is essentially "six cents on every dollar"?

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