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Four fifths plus one sixth I believe equals twenty-nine over 30

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Q: What is four fifths plus one sixth?
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One sixth times four fifths?


What is one sixth plus one sixth plus one third?

four-sixth or two-thirds

What is one sixth plus four fifths?

1/6 + 4/5 = 5/30 + 24/30 = 29/30

What is one fifth plus three fifths?

four fifths

How much is one fifth plus three fifths?

four fifths

What is one and three fifths plus two and one fifth?

Three and four-fifths

What is four seven plus one sixth?

the answer is 7 and one sixth

What does three fifths plus one sixth equal?

The sum is 23/30

What is the Least Common Denominator for four fifths and one sixth?

30 just30

What is Three fifths plus one sixth?

3/5 plus 1/6 = 23/30

What is the common denominator for two thirds plus four fifths?

15 and two thirds plus four fifths = one two fiftenth

What is one sixth plus four sixths?

One sixth plus four sixths equals five sixths, or 5/6.

What is two and two fifths plus four and one fifth?

six and three-fifths

What is negative one fifths plus one sixth?

-6/30 + 5/30 = -1/30

What is four fifths plus one tenth?

nine tenths

What is two sevenths plus one tenth?

It is four fifths

One half plus four fifths?


What is three tenths plus four fifths?

four fifths is equal to eight tents, so three tenths plus eight tenths is eleven tenths, or one and one tenth

What is three fifths plus four fifths?

3/5+4/5=7/5=One and two fifths

Which fraction is larger one sixth or two fifths?

Two fifths is 140% more than one sixth.

What is three and one sixth plus four?

7 and 1 6th Seven and one sixth

What is one third plus four sixth?


Put these in order from least to greatest One sixth Two fifths and One third?

Answer: Two fifths, one sixth, and then one third.

What is four and two thirds plus five and one sixth?

Nine and five sixth

What does four fifths plus one half?

1 and 1.5/5