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"What is four and a half plus three and five sixths": Eight and one third (8 1/3)

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Q: What is four in a half plus three and five six?
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What is a reasonable estimate for the sum of four and one eighth plus three and two thirds plus five and one half?


What does three and one half plus four and three tenths equal?

seven and eight tenths. you have to change one half to five tenths and then add the whole numbers and then the fraction

One half plus three tenths?

4/5 is what a half plus three tenths equals.

What is one half plus three fourths?

One half plus three fourths is equal to five fourths or 5/4.

What is three and five sixths plus four and three sixths?


What is three and five eighths plus four and a half?

3 5/8 + 4 1/2 = 8 1/8

What is four plus negative one half?

It's three and one half.

What is four and three eighths plus four and a half?

Eight and seven eighths.

What is five and three fourths plus five sixths plus two and one half as a fraction?


What is three and one half plus two and three eights?

Five and seven eighths

What is one minus two plus three minus four plus five?


What is one half times five plus three?

google it or bing it

What is three quarters plus half?

5/4 five fourths

What does one fourth plus one half plus three fourths equal?

Five tenths

What is three and one half plus two and three fourths plus one and five eighths?

7 1/4

What is three and five eighths plus four and six eighths?

The answer is 2 and three eighths

What does three times four plus one subtract five?


What is 6 times three plus five times four?


What is five million plus three thousand four hundred?


What is five and two fifths plus four and one half?

9 and 9/10

What is three plus five times five minus fifty divided by two plus three minus four?


What do four and seven eigths plus three and three fourths equal?

eight and five eighths

What is 2 fifths plus 3 and one quarter plus 1 half?

four and three twentieths :)

What is the sum of five and four fifths plus three and two tenths?

the answer is 9

What is one half plus three tenths simplified?

One half is five tenths. Add three tenths, gives eight tenths. Simplify that by dividing the two values by their highest common factor, which is 2. That gives you four fifths.