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d = 1/2

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Q: What is four ninths d equals two ninths?
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What is a trick that is spelled the same way equals D equals D equals D equals D equals D equals D?

equals D repeater

What does d equals 2 m mean?

distance equals two meters

What is d equals 3.5t?

It is a functional relationship between two variables, d and t.

What does 8 equals equals equals equals equals equals D mean?

(It's a penis) 8=====D 8 = balls D = head

How does one factor two D minus two times four D minus eight equals zero?

I think your equation is this: (2d - 2)(4d - 8) = 0 If that is correct, then you have a quadratic equation, but IT'S ALMOST COMPLETELY FACTORED ALREADY! You could factor out a two from the first term in parentheses, and you could factor out four from the second parenthetical term. That give you: 2(d-1)4(d-2) = 8(d-1)(d-2) = 0 I think that's as far as you need to go to answer the question. But . . . You can divide both sides of the equation, now, by 8, which gives you: (d-1)(d-2) = 0 You therefore have two roots, one at d = 1 and the other at d = 2.

What is the answer to d equals 3m?

There is not sufficient information to answer the question. To solve for two unknown variables (d and m) you need two independent equations.

What does this mean 8 equals equals equals equals equals equals equals equals equals equals D?

That 8 might equal D. Trashed. "Eight Equals D" is: 8=D Which is a penis smiley -.- ~ Skullcandy88

If a equals 4 and d equals -2 what is the first four terms of the arithmetic sequence?


What is d minus three and two-thirds equals one and one-thirds?

It is an equation in the single variable, d.

How are meiosis and mitosis similar and how are they different?

meiosis produces four cells, but mitosis produces two cells. apex :D

When can you get pregnant after D and C?

You can get pregnant as soon as two to four weeks after a D&C if you weren't pregnant. If you had a D&C to terminate a pregnancy, you can get pregnant in four to six weeks.

Does the expressions d-12 have a greater value when d equals 42 or when d equals 46?


What is an example of Density equals D Mass equals M Volume equals V and D equals mass of object over volume of object?


What is -2.4 equals 1.1 plus d equals?

d = -3.5

5a plus d - bc equals a equals 5 b equals 7 c equals 2 d equals 4 what is the correct answer?


Is d-8 equals 0 true or false when d equals 8?

That is true. 8=D

What is a proprtion?

A statement that two ratios are equal; such as A over B equals C over D

What is the answer of d equals 4.6cm?

d equals 4.6cm is just a statement. There is no question.

What does P and D equals in 12 equals p in a d?

P = Pieces/PartsD = Dozen

What times what equals 700?

1 times 700 equals 700.

If a plus b equals c and b plus c equals d and c plus d equals e and a equals 7 and e equals 5 what is a plus b plus c plus d plus e equal?

the answer is a

What is the answer of d equals 2cm c equals?

The answer might depend on what c and d are supposed to be!

What does 10 D equals 1 D?

10 Dimes equals 1 Dollar

What is the 2-d shape of a trapezium prism?

Two trapeziums and four rectangles.

What is four minus two and one eights?

One and seven eighths. :D