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Q: What is four over five equivalent to?
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What is equivalent fraction for four over five?


What number is a decimal with 1 decimal place and is equivalent to four over five?


What are two equivalent fractions for four over five?

8/10 16/20

Is negative four fifths equivalent to negative four over negative five?

Yes the negatives cancel each other out

What is equivalent to four over five?

4/5= .8 or 80%

What is the simplest form for four over five?

the simplest form of four over five is....four over five. You can't reduce that fraction because it already is in simplest form.

What is equivalent to three over five?


Is four fifths and five eighth equivalent?


Is four fifths equivalent to five tenths?


Are four fifths equivalent to five fourths?


What is four hundred five ten-thousandths in numbers?

four hundreds,five tens,two units for equivalent

What is one half two over 3 divided by three over four minus four over five times five over six?


Which of four fractions are of the greatest four over five five over eleven three over seven and seven over nine?

Of those, 4/5 is the greatest.

What is four over five add four over five?

The sum of 4/5 and 4/5 is 1 3/5

What is five over thirty plus four over six?

Five over six 5/6

What is four fifths as a mixed number?

You can't write four over five as a mixed number. five over four perhaps and that would be 1 and 1/4

Is five over 6 equivalent to 11 over 360?


What three equivalent fractions are equal to one over six?

Two over twelve, three over eighteen, and four over twenty-four are all equivalent to one over six.

What is equivalent to two over five?

a equivalent fraction is 10/25

What is three over four plus five over six?

1 7/12 (one and seven-twelfths)

What is four one quarters equivalent fraction?

Five quarters

What is the equivalent percentage of 4 out of 5?

Four out of five is 80%

What is equivalent to 1 over five?


Is four fifths equivalent to five tenth?

No because 4/5 is equivalent to 8/10

What is 4 over 5 simplfied?

four over five (four-fifths) cannot be simplified

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