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one fifth = 1/5 = .2, so 4.5 x .2 = .9 or nine tenths. windows computers have calculators that will tell you. go to start menu, programs, accessories, calculator

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Q: What is four point five times one fifth?
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What is five and five sixth times four and four fifth?

5 and 5/6 times 4 and 4/5 = 28

How do you get four to the fifth power?

It is four multiplied by itself five times. 4x4x4x4x4 = 1024

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What is scientific notation of 564.45?

5.6445*10^2, wich reads five point six four four five times ten to the second

How do you write 84.455 in words?

There are different possible ways: - Eight four point four five five - Eighty-four point four five five - Eighty-four and four hundred fifty-five thousandths.

How many five digit numbers can you make by arranging the numbers 4 1 6 9 and 3?

Assuming that you can use each number multiple times, 3125, because there are five options for the first number, five for the second, and so on to reach five. Then, five times five times five times five times five, or five to the fifth power, equals 3125. Were you only able to use each number once, the answer would be 120 based on the same principle. There would be five options for the first number, four remaining options for the second, three for the third, two for the fourth, and then one for the fifth. Then, as with the first, five times four times three times two (times one, but that really isn't necessary) results in 120.

Is four fifths equivalent to five fifths?

no four fifths is one fifth less than five fifths

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-0.0045 -0.45 -4.5