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Q: What is good 10 key stroke per minute?
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What does kspm mean?

key strokes per minute

How many neurons die during stroke?

1.9 million per minute untreated

What is the difference between stroke volume and cardiac output?

Cardiac output is the blood volume pushed out by the left ventricle per minute. Stroke volume is the volume of blood pushed out of the left ventricle per contraction of the heart (each heart beat). So stroke volume into heart rate / minute gives you cardiac output.

What are the two factors of cardiac output?

The stroke volume and the heart rate. The stroke volume is the volume of your blood and heart rate is how many beats there are per minute.

How may numeric keystroke per minute is a good score?

Numeric keystroke per minute that is considered to be a good score will vary. On average, 160 keystrokes per minute is a good score and anything above this is above average.

Heart rate of 80 beats per minute her cardiac output is 4 liters what is her stroke volume?


What is the cardiac output of a person with a stroke volume of 60 ml and a heart rate of 90 beats per minute?


What is cardic output?

Cardiac out put is the volume of blood pumped by the heart per minute. Cardiac output is a function of heart rate and stroke volume. The heart rate is simply the number of heart beats per minute. The stroke volume is the volume of blood, in milliliters pumped out of the heart with each beat. Increasing either heart rate or stroke volume increases cardiac output.

What is the amount of blood pumped by your hear each minute?

Depends on the stroke volume (how much blood your heart pumps per beat) and heart rate. This is different for everybody and depends on activity level. Heart Rate x Stroke Volume = Amount of Blood pumped/minute

How fast in terms of beats per minute would you have to be able to do a single stroke roll double stroke roll and any other rudiments to make snare in a high school marching band?


How do you convert 10 key kspm to ksph?

Kspm (key strokes per minute) vs. ksph (key strokes per hour) This is a measurement of speed with typing numbers out on a Ten Key number pad, also known as an adding machine. If you have kspm, then you have a number of key strokes you can hit per minute. Since there are 60 minutes per hour, you merely need to multiply the number you have by 60 to get your ksph. If you have ksph, you have the number of key strokes you can hit in one hour. To find out how fast you can hit keys in a minute, you need to take this number, which represents 60 minutes, and divide it by 60. You will then have the number of keys you can hit in one minute. kspm * 60 = ksph ksph / 60 = kspm

How many times do the intake valves open per minute in a four stroke engine?

Trick Question! ...depends on the RPM the engine is running at.