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1097000 kilometers is bigger than 1970000 centimeters

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Q: What is greater 1097000 kilometers or 1970000 centimeters?
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Which has a greater distance... 1097000 kilometers or 1970000 centimeters?

1097000 kilometres.

Is 1097000 kilometers greater than 1970000?

no or yes pick

Is kilometers greater than centermeters?

Yes kilometers are greater than centimeters

Is 56 centimeters greater than 56000 kilometers?


Which is greater 9000 centimeters or 2 kilometres why?

It is 2 kilometers which is the equivalent of 200000 centimeters

Is 6 kilometers greater than 600 centimeters?

Yes, 6 kilometers is greater than 600 centimeters because 600 centimeters = 6 meters but 6 kilometers = 6000 meters

What is the greatest distance 250504798 meters or 500653798 centimeters or 250564988 meters or 200004598 kilometers?

500,653,798 centimeters is greater

Which is greater 2 kilometers or 300 centimeters?

2 kilometers. To see why just convert to the same units: Lets go for centimeters: Kilo means 1000, and a metre is 100 centimeters, so 2 kilometers becomes 2x1000x100 centimeters which is bigger than 300 centimeters. If you go for meters instead, 2 kilometers is 2000 meters, and 300 centimeters is 3 meters and 2000 is bigger than 3

Is 5.7 centimeters greater is or 5.3 centimeters?

5.7 is greater.

How do you convert 12km to centimeters?

A kilometer is 100,000 times greater than a centimeter. Therefore, multiply kilometers by 100,000 to get centimeters: 12 x 100,000 = 1200000cm

How many kilometers are in 4000000 centimeters?

1 kilometer is 5 powers of ten greater than one centimeter. Therefore, you move the decimal point left by 5 spots to convert. 4000000 centimeters = 40.00000 kilometers

Is 6 kilometers equal greater or less than 600 centimeters?

The conversion between cm and km are given .On finding the relation we get as follows . we will get , 1 km =100000 cm. 6 km =600000 cm. that is greater than 600 cm.

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