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I think you might be thinking of a hippocamp.

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Q: What is half fish half horse?
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Related questions

In mythology what was the half horse half fish called?


What is the difference between a hippocami half horse half fish and a kelpie Scottish legend?

the hippocami is half horse and fish and these are loggend are kelpie scottish im not joking what ever

What is Poseidon pet?

I'm guessing the hippocampi.... They are half horse half fish.

What mythical creature is half horse half fish?

The hippocamp (ἱπποκαμπος, from ιππος meaning hors and κάμπος meaning monster). They were the the half horse, half fish creatures that drove the sea-chariot of the god of the sea Poseidon (who was also the god of horses).

What was a Hippocamp's tail used for?

Since the hippocamp is a half-horse half-fish creature, the tail is used for swimming.

What exactly do hippocamps eat?

Since they are mythical, there is no solid proof. Seeing as how they are half horse and half fish, perhaps they eat seaweed and even small fish.

What do hippocampies look like in the book The Sea of Monsters Percy Jackson?

the front half is horse and the back half is a fish. Tyson calls them 'Fish Ponies'

What facts about a seahorse?

They look nothing like a horse, look like a half pony half fish but they are cute.

What creature is half horse half fish?

I think you might be thinking of a hippocamp.

What is the descriptive name for a figure in heraldry half horse half sea horse?

A hippocampus was a half horse and half sea horse figure.

What do you call a half quarter horse half Arabian?

A horse that is half Quarter Horse and half Arab is a Quararab.

What is a half horse?

A centaur half man half horse

What is a half mule half horse called?

A mule is a half donkey half horse. A mule cannot breed, so a half horse half mule is impossible.

Half tiger and half horse?

There is not and never has been a half tiger or half horse.

Bass is to fish horse is to?

a bass is to fish as horse is to mammal

What is the name of a half man half horse in Greek mythology?

Centaurs were half man, half horse.

What is half horse half human?

A half human half horse is a centaur, a Greek mythical creature.

What was the creature called that Hagrid had and that was half horse and half eagle?

The half horse, half eagle was a Hippogriff.

What aquatic creature is the hippocampus?

The Hippocampus is the genus name for seahorses. It is also the name of a mythological creature with the upper half of a horse and the lower half of a fish or dolphin. The hippocampus region of the brain was named due to its resemblance to a sea-horse.

What is the word for half man half animal?

If it is a cross between a Human and a: Horse=Centaur, Fish=Mermaid, Goat=Satyr

What fish eat horse mussels?

puffer fish eat horse mussels

What mythical creature is half human and half horse?

The centaur is a mythical creature that is half human and half horse.

Is a half horse half zebra real?

Yes, the are a hybrid equid much the same as mules are a hybrid cross of a horse and a donkey. The term for a half horse, half zebra is a Zorse.

What is half human and half horse?

Satyr - a man goat blend. Centaur - half man half horse.

What is the meaning of half horse half man?

In mythology the name Cenaturs was given to a race which was supposedly half horse and half man.