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6 and three quarters is.

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Q: What is half of 13 and a half?
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Half of 11 half of 12 half of 13 which is a hole?

Half Of 12..........

What half of 13 and a half?

6.75, or six and three fourths.

How do you know if you are considered 13 or 13 and a half?

If you are half a year older than thirteen then you are mostly thirteen and a half. Thogh not legally.

What does 13 ounces measure up to a cup and a half?

A cup and a half is 24 ounces. 13 ounces is 1 once more than half of the one and a half cup container.

What is half of 13 32nds?

13/64 is. That's 0.203125 .

What half of 13?

6.5 is equal to 1/2 of 13.

What is a half of 13?


How old were Boudiccas daughters when they died?

they were 13 and a half roughly.they were twins.

Is 5' 6 short or average for a 13 and a half year old?

its tall :) i'm 13 and a half too and i'm 5'6 and half and i tower over my classmates :D

What is half of twenty six?


What is double six and a half?

It is 13

What is the only musical scale with 13 half steps?

A Chromatic scale starting from any of the 12 notes, in full, will have 13 half steps.

What is 1 quarter of fifty two?

Okay, half of 52 is 26. So half of 26 is 13. 13 is one quarter of 52

Is 13 15 closest to one whole or one half?

13/15 is closest to one whole rather than one half.

What is half of 7 and added to half of 6?


What is one half of 13 and a half cups?

That is 6 and 3/4 cups.

Which one is bigger 6 over 13 or 1 half?

1 half

What are the release dates for Half and Half - 2002 The Big Diva Down Episode 4-13?

Half and Half - 2002 The Big Diva Down Episode 4-13 was released on: USA: 6 February 2006

Is stefano langone of American idol 2011 top 13 half filipino?

No, he is only Italian and Spanish. Half and half

How old can you get for fishing license?

You half to be 13

What is the half life of aggrenox?

13 hours

What is the decimal form of 13 and a half?


How far is half of a marathon?

13 miles

What is half a pint of milk in metric?


How old is Emma from jesse?

She is 13 and a half.