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Half of 15 oz is 7.5 oz - whether in powder or otherwise.

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Q: What is half of 15oz in powder?
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What is half of 15oz?

what is half of 15oz power

How do you get half of 15oz?

Divide 15 by 2.

How much does toothpaste weigh?

toothpaste weighs around 15oz toothpaste weighs around 15oz

How many grams of powder in half a teaspoon?

Depends what kind of powder.

How many teaspoons are in a half a pound of powder?

Depends what kind of powder.

How much is 15oz in milliliter?

444 ml

Is 15oz bigger than 2oz?


How many ounces is a medium sized can?

cans = 4oz, 8oz, 14.5 oz, 15oz, 26oz there is no standard but a medium would be 14.5 to 15oz depending on the product.

How many kilograms is 15 ounces?

15oz = 0.425kg

How many grams are in 0.15 oz?

.15oz is 4.25g

How many grams are in 15 ounces?

15oz = 425.625g

How many oz in 425 grams?

425g = 15oz

How many cups is in 15oz?

That is approximately 1.9 cups.

How much is 6g baking powder?

About a teaspoon and a half.

How many cups of tomatoes in a 15oz can?

One and 7/8ths

How many pounds is 73 kilos?

73kg = 160lb 15oz

What is 15oz in gallons?

15 fluid ounces is 0.117188 gallon.

How capsules are filled by powder?

you use 1 half and fill it

How do you get 1 liter of milk out of milk powder?

Approximately thirty grams of milk powder will give you half a ltr of milk

How many teaspoons in a half a pound of powder?

The answer to your question depends on the weight to volume ratio of the powder in question. Since this powder could be anything from gunpowder to talcum powder, it is impossible to give you a clear answer. Because teaspoons measure volume not weight. If instead of a half pound of powder you said a quart of powder then a clear answer could be given, since quart and teaspoons both measure volume and not weight.

What does 1.5 tsp baking powder mean?

That would be a teaspoon and a half. Essentially, one teaspoon and half of another. Not one or two, but one and a half.

Why does pepper powder half dissolve in water?

because it has solid particles

How many calories are in a half teaspoon of baking powder?

2 calories.

How many grams of powder equal a half of cup?

think its about 250ml

How many teaspoons is half a gram of powder?

About 1/12 of a teaspoon.