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Half of an inch is about as long as a centimeter, ten times longer than a millimeter.

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Q: What is half of an inch?
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Is it more accurate to measure to the nearest inch half inch or inch?

half inch

How many quarts of an inch in half inch?

Two quarters of an inch are in a half inch.

What is Approximately 1 and a half of an inch?

half an inch!

What is half of half an inch?

One fourth of an inch.

How long is an inch and a half of hair?

an inch and a half, i think

How many thousandths are there in a half inch?

There are 500 in half an inch

What is a half inch?

About your finger turned to the side is approximately half an inch

What is half an inch on a glass?

Same as half an inch anywhere else.

What is more one eighth of a centimeter or half an inch?

Half an inch.

Half an inch is how many mm?

Half inch is equal to 12.7mm

How many quarters are in a half an inch?

There are two quarters in half an inch.

What is 0.5 of an inch?

Half an inch.

One half inch equals how many thousands of an inch?

Half an inch = 500/1000 = 0.500 inch.

Whats a quarter of a inch?

One fourth of 1 inch. Look at a ruler and divide a half inch in half-that's a quarter inch.

How many centimetre there are in half an inch?

there are 1.27 cm in half an inch 1.27cm

What does half an inch equal in centimeters?

Half an inch is equal to 1.27 centimeters.

How many half inches are in an inch?

There are 2 half inches in each inch.

What fractional part of one half inch is one quarter inch?

half of it

Is one-half inch drywall actually one-half inch thick?


How many mm in 1 half inch?

There are 12.7 mm in half an inch.

A half inch is how many meters?

If ten meters is a full inch then a half an inch would be 5 meters.

What are the actual linklength measurements for half inch Proof Coil vs half inch BB size anchor chain?

Meant to say "half inch Proof Coil vs half inch size BBB" anchor chain.

How close to a half inch is 0.197 inch?

Not very. Half an inch is 0.5 inches. 0.197in is far closer to 1/5 or 0.2 of an inch

How many feet and inches are in a half a inch?

there are 1\24 of a foot in a half an inchthere are 1\2 of an inch in a half an inch

How do you write half inch?

1/2" Or Half Inch of 50% of 1 inch

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