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Half an inch.

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Q: What is more one eighth of a centimeter or half an inch?
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Are there 4 eighth inches in an inch?

There 4 eighth inches in a half inch and 8 eighth inches in an inch.

Which is more a centimeter or an inch?


How thick is 5mm in inches?

half a centimeter or one 5th an inch

Is a decimeter half of a centimeter?

No, it is less than half an inch. 1'' = 2.54 cm, so 1/2'' = 1/2 x 2.54 cm = 1.27 cm

Where is seven eighth of an inch on a ruler?

Find the part of the ruler where the inch is divided into eight parts. Then count along seven. Seven eights is almost a whole inch. It is half a quarter MORE than three quarters.

Is it more accurate to measure to the nearest inch half inch or inch?

half inch

Is a square centimeter larger than a square inch?

No, a square inch is more than 4 times bigger.

Is 4 eighth more than 1 half?

They are the same.

Is five eighth less than one half?

More 1/2 = 4/8

How many half inch circles will fit in a 2 and a half inch circle?

I believe it's 19. No more than 24, for sure.

If there is half a circle a quarter circle and an eighth of a circle how much more of the circle is needed to make it whole?

Half circle plus quarter circle is equal to three-fourths of a circle. Three-fourths of a circle plus one eighth of a circle is seven-eighths. You still need one more eighth to complete the circle.

What are some metric units of lengths?

millimeter, centimeter, decimeter, meter, kilometer. a millimeter is 1/10th of a centimeter A centimeter is about .397 of an inch, or a little less than a half a decimeter is 10 centimeters a meter is 100 centimeters and a meter is about 3.28 ft, so like 3 feet and a little more than 3 inches a kilometer is 1000 meters and is like .62 of a mile