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9/18 = 1/2

Half of a half is 1/4

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Does six over nine equal eightteen over twentyseven?

it equals two thirds because you reduce it to it's lowest common demoninator

What should you do with your children when they missbehave?

spank there butts then sit them in time out, but remember don't hit so hard its like your abuseing them no matter what they did unless there over eightteen but even if there over eightteen don't abuse them ok

What is the reciporal 4 in a half?

The answer is two over nine

If You Drop out of School at the age of nineteen can you get your license in Georgia?

Yes, you can get your license in the state of Georgia if you are over the age of eightteen, because you are considered an adult at eightteen. Other circumstances can prevent you from getting one after the age of eightteen, such as DUI, drug chargers, driving without a license, etc.

What is equivalent to 36 over 8?

Nine over two. Or four and a half. Or 4.5

What is have of nine?

HALF of nine is 4.5 HALF of nine is 4.5

What is eightteen over twentyfour as a decimal?

18/24 Just divide 18 by 24, equals 0.75.

What s half of nine?

a half a nine is 4.5

What is the simplest form of nine over eighteen?

9/18 or nine eighteenths is equivalent to the fraction 1/2 (one half).

What is half of nine?

9 ÷ 2 = 4.5Half of nine is 4.5

What is 9 and one half rounded to the nearest half?

Nine and one half rounded to the nearest half is nine and one half.

Is everyone from the band black veil bride over eightteen?

Yes. The youngest member of the band is Andy and he's 21.

How can one half of nine be four?

IF 4 is the question, one half of nine is not four, its 4.5. If use Roman numerals then "half" of nine can be four IX cut in half is IV and is therefore 4.

How tall is 177 sm in feet?

If that's cm, it's a little over five nine and a half.

What is nine and a half of 9.98?

what is half of £9.98

What year were tights invented?

In the mid-eightteen hundreds

When was Billiards at Half-past Nine created?

Billiards at Half-past Nine was created in 1959.

Can an eightteen year old date a fifteen year old with it being legal?

they can date but they can't have sex because you have to be 16 or over to have sex legally.

61.5 weeks is how many months?

There are approximately 4.2 weeks in a month. A year is 52 weeks. So you're talking about a year and (61.5 - 52 = 9.5) nine and a half weeks. Nine and a half weeks is a little over two months. About 14 and a half months altogether.

What is eleven over nine in decimal form?

Since our numerical system is based upon 10 digits, every number divided by nine wil cause an infinite loop of numbers one over nine is 0.1111111... two over nine is 0.22222222... since eighth over nine is 0.888888888... nine over nine is 0.99999999... but nine over nine is 1 so in your case eleven over nine will cause a infinite loop of 1.222222222222222222... Point is an accurate decimal form of eleven over nine or any other digits over nine is impossible.

What is a size 41 in shoes?

Probably a womens size nine or nine and a half. A size ten is 42 and a half.

How many pages does Billiards at Half-past Nine have?

Billiards at Half-past Nine has 280 pages.

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