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1 and 7/8 cups.

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Q: What is half of three and three fourth cups?
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How many one fourth cups equal three fourth of acup in sugar?

One and one fourth = 1.25 1.25*2=1.5 One and a half cups of sugar.

What is one-fourth of one and one half cups?

One and a half cups can be written as (3/2) (1/4)*(3/2) = (3/8) Three-eights of a cup is the answer.■

How many cups in three and one-fourth gallons?

Three and one-fourth (3.25) gallons is 52 cups.

What is half of three and a half cups?

One and three-quarters cups.

What is half of 2 and one fourth cups of flour?

One and one eighth cups.

How many cups are in three fourth of a kilo?

That is approximately 3.3 cups

What is three fourth - one fourth?

One half.

What is a fourth of three fourth cups?

1/2 cup + 1/4 cup

How many cups are there in three-fourth pounds of sugar?

About 1 1/2 cups.

How many cups in three in half quarts?

14 cups

How much flour is needed if its two and one fourth cups doubles?

four and one-half cups are needed

What is half of 3 and one fourth cups?

1 5/8 cup