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2 times 7 is 14,because half of 4 is 2 and you times 2 and 7 which equals to 14

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Q: What is half times four times seven?
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What is four divided by fifteen times seven divided by one half?


What is four times two and one-half?

four times two and one-half is ten

What is seven and a half divided by four and a half?


Is seven eighths equal to one half?

No one-half equals four-eighths so that means seven-eighths is greater than one-half(four eighths)

What are five names for seven and a half?

fifteen halves seven and one half seven and two fourths seven and three sixths seven and four eighths

How much is seven times more than four?

seven times more than four is 7x> 4

What is seven eighths times one half?

seven sixteenths

What is six and four fifths rounded to the nearest half?

Six and four fifths rounded to the nearest half is seven.

What is four and three eighths plus four and a half?

Eight and seven eighths.

What is seven times four?


What is seven times three plus four?

First, multiply seven times three. The answer to that is 21. Then add four for the final answer, which is 25.

What is seven times 12?

eighty-four eighty-four

What is four times one half?


What is half of 80 four times?


What is three and a quarter added to four and a quarter?

Seven and a half.

What four times thirty seven?


What is half of seven thousand six hundred and fifty-four?

7,654/2 = 3,827

How to divde whole numbers and fractions?

ok...if you want to divide two by eight...what is half of eight...the answer is four....and to divide fractions you do this for example it is : 3/4 divided by 5/7 ... you switch the five and seven so the seven is on the top and five on the bottom, and then you multiply by doing three times five and four times seven ...and u get a fraction..

What does one half times four equal?


What is one and a half times four?


What is twenty four fifths times seven thirds?

Twenty-four fifths times seven thirds = eleven and one fifth (11 1/5).

What is 7- 4 and 1 over 2?

Seven minus four and a half is two and a half.

How many times can thirty go into one hundred twenty seven?

Four times with seven remainder, or 4.26666...

What does seven times four equal?

It equals 28.

What is five and four fifths times seven?