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6 and 1/2

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Q: What is halfway between 6 third and 6 two thirds?
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What fraction lies halfway between one quarter and two thirds?

It is: 11/24

One third plus what equals two thirds?

One third plus one third equals two thirds.

Is two thirds less than one third?

Two thirds is more than one third.

What is one and one third subtract two thirds?

two thirds

Is one third is bigger than two third?

Notwo thirds is two times as big as one third

What is a third plus a third?

two thirds!

What is four and one-third divided by two and two-thirds?

Four and one-third divided by two and two-thirds = 13/8 or 15/8

What is the plural form of two-third?

Two Thirds

What is two thirds plus one third plus one third?

Three thirds

What is the answer 6 and one third minus two and two thirds?

3 and two thirds

Two and two thirds plus two and two thirds equal?

five and one third

What is one-half of two-thirds?

One-half of two-thirds is one-third.

What is the answer to two thirds plus four sixths?

Answer = four thirds or one and a third.

How you explain to get 8 thirds in two and two thirds?

Six times a third equals two, and you have two thirds left over.

What is three and two thirds plus two and two thirds?

5 and four-thirds, ie six and one-third.

What fraction is bigger a third or 2 thirds?

Two thirds is twice as much as one third.

What is a third plus two third?

3 thirds

What is one minus two thirds?

One minus two thirds is one third.

What is twenty and one third minus five and two thirds?

14 and two thirds

What is 2 and two thirds plus 3 and two thirds?

Six and one third

What is one and two thirds plus three and two thirds?

five and one third.

What is two thirds plus one?

Five thirds, or one and a third.

Two thirds divided by one third?

2/3 divided by 1/3 = 2/3 x 3/1 = 6/3 = 2 Also, you have two thirds, and one third. You have twice as many thirds in the two thirds than in the one third.

Is it two third or two thirds?

Basic grammar tells us that it should be "thirds" since two indicates a plural. Hence, it is two thirds.

How many thirds are there in two thirds?

There are two thirds in two thirds, as two thirds suggests. Or the answer could be three if you look at it a different way. One third (1/3) of two thirds (2/3) is two ninths (2/9).