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There's 1000grams in a kilo.

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How many cups of sugar make 300grams?

How many cups of sugar is in 300grams

What object is 1 kilogram?

That's not actually a real math question.because any object could be 1kilogram.. You can have 1kilogram of feathers.1kilogram of rocks.1kilogram of sand etc

What percentage is 1.60grams of 300grams?

% rate:= (1.60 grams /300grams) x 100%= 0.00533 x 100%= 0.533%

How many grams is 300ml?


How heavy is a Microraptor?


How many milligrams make a kilogram?

1kilogram=1000gram & 1kilogram=1000x1000milligram...that is nothing but 1,000,000millligram.

What does 300grams weight?

About the same as 300 paper clips.

How many cups in 300grams flour?

9 9

300grams equals what in kilograms?

.3 kg= 300g

Which is bigger 1kilogram or 1000grams?

They are the same.

How manygrams are in 1kilogram?

One thousand

How many ounses are there in 1kilogram?

1 ounce = 28,35g and 1000g = 1Kilogram hence 1000 /28,35= 35,27 ounces. Hope this helps. Harry.

How many grams are there in 1kilogram?

a kilo. or a thousand.

Is 1000 1kilogram?

1000 grams is a kilogram

What is 25 percent of 1kilogram?

250 gm

How many 20grams goes into 1kilogram?


Which is bigger 1kilogram or 1 pound?

A kilogram

What fraction of 1kilogram is 1gram?


Is 30kilograms less than greater or equal to 300grams?

greater than.

How many cups are there in 300grams?

300 grams of water is 1.323 cups.

How many grams is 1kilogram?

1kg is equal to 1000g

Is a long over coat less than 1kilogram?


How much is 1kilogram of teeth weigh?

20 grams

How do you convert 825grams to 1kilogram?

Add 175 grams.

Which one weights less 300grams or 300kg?

300 grams weighs less.

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