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They all would weigh the same amount, 1 Kilogram.

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Is a kilo of feathers heaver then a kilo of wood or a kilo of lead?

One kilogram of mass weighs about 2.2 pounds on earth and about 5.8 ounces on the moon. It doesn't matter what substance comprises the mass.

Which is heavier wood or lead?

Wood varies a lot, some types of hardwood can be very heavy, but there are none which are as heavy as lead. What you really mean is "which is denser?". A big piece of wood may well be heavier than a small piece of lead.

Why is wood lighter than lead?

because there are hole in the wood surface while the lead is all hole doesn't have pore improve:that but any wood and lead in water the heavier will sink

What is heavier ice or wood?

it depends on what wood it is and what ice.

Is wood heavier than plastic?

Wood can be more or less dense than plastic. Which is heavier depends on the different types of plastic and wood being compared, and how much of each is present. Often, however, wood is heavier than plastic for the same amount of material.

What is heavier wood or steal?

Who wrote this question. The word is spelled incorrectly in this context. It should read, which is heavier wood or steel. Good grief

Which is a heavier cubic meter of steel or a cubic meter of wood?

A cubic meter of steel is heavier.

Which is heavier a piece of metal or a piece of wood?

It will depend on the size of the two pieces. A log is going to be heavier than a penny. Metal is denser than wood.

Why is metal heavier than wood?

it is more dense

Why does a pebble sink on water and a piece of wood doesn't?

The pebble is heavier than water so it sinks. The wood isn't heavier than water so it floats.

How much does a cubic inch of wood weigh?

It all depends on the wood. Some wood is denser and heavier than others.

What kind of arrow did Robin Hood use?

The arrows were made out of wood from the own forest. And the feathers were turkey feathers. It is possible as well, that the people in the villages help him with the feathers.

Is gold heavier than wood?

It depends what kind of wood but mostly gold would weigh more.

What is the price for wood used to make paper per kilo or pounds?

well it depends how much is the wood the more the wood the bigger the price well lets say 13 kilos of wood and u want it to make it into lbs well its 2.2 ounds per kilo so ur answer would be $30.36

Is a wood bat heavier than a metle bat?

Yes, a wooden bat is heavier than a metal (aluminum) bat.

What does a Filipino woodwind instrument look like?

wood and sticks and feathers

Which is heavier 1kg iron or 1kg wood?

A kilogram of iron weighs the same as a kilogram of wood - one kilogram.

Will ebony wood sink or float?

Ebony is heavier than water.

Does wood have lead?

yes i does

What did Daedalus use to make wings?

Wood, leather straps, wax and feathers.

Is a hickory lacrosse stick heavier than most lacrosse sticks?

Yes. This is because wooden sticks tend to be heavier because they are hollow and wood is heavier then aluminum (thats what I prefer).

Is tambourine made of wood?

The frame of some tambourines are made of wood. I believe mostly balsa wood but sometimes a heavier wood. A wooden frame gives a better sound in my opinion.

How many pounds are there in a ton of wood shavings?

2000 lbs of anything makes a ton (feathers, wood shavings, mud etc.)

Why is a heavier a cubic meter of steel than a cubic meter of wood?

A cubic Meter of Steel is heavier than a cubic meter of wood because Steel is more dense than wood therefore there is more of it in the same cubic area. But if you compare a pound of wood to a pound of steel they will in fact be the same weight. :op

Why does a lump of lead have a greater mass than a lump of wood?

The molecules of lead are more massive and are more densely packed together than those of wood.

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