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Q: What is horizontal bracing system?
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What is a sentence with the word bracing?

We are bracing ourselves for the worst.Or, begin the bracing for impact!

Horizontal marketing system?

define horizontal marketing system with example?

What is the horizontal line in an x-y coordinate system is called?

The horizontal line is called the horizontal axis

What is a construction bracing connection?

A bracing connection is the fixing that holds bracing in place and to transfer loads into the bracing. Bracing holds the structure stable by transferring sideways loads (ie: not gravity, but wind or earthquake loads) down to the ground. It helps keep the structure upright and square when these loads come on to the building.

Can you give us a sentence with the word bracing in it?

Expecting horrible news, Ellie was bracing for the worst.

What is the horizontal and vertical lines in a coordinate system?

Horizontal is X-Axis and Vertical is Y-Axis.

How is bracing used in spasticity?

Bracing may be used to support a weak muscle, or to prevent excess contraction of a spastic muscle.

What is the difference between vertical and horizontal systems packages?

explain the difference berween vertical and horizontal system packages?

What is steel bracing of overhead transmission line?

Lattice steel tower consist of:- 1- Main members. 2- Bracing members. 3- Redundant members. Steel Bracing is the connection between main members of lattice steel tower.

In the cartesian coordinate system the x axis is?

Horizontal axis.

To close or cover with lumber is called?

bracing in

What is the horizontal axis of a Cartesian coordinate system called?

The x-axis