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A bracing connection is the fixing that holds bracing in place and to transfer loads into the bracing. Bracing holds the structure stable by transferring sideways loads (ie: not gravity, but wind or earthquake loads) down to the ground. It helps keep the structure upright and square when these loads come on to the building.

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Q: What is a construction bracing connection?
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What is steel bracing of overhead transmission line?

Lattice steel tower consist of:- 1- Main members. 2- Bracing members. 3- Redundant members. Steel Bracing is the connection between main members of lattice steel tower.

What is the use of cantilevers in construction?

Cantilevers in construction are used for overhanging structures without external bracing. This is used in bridges, towers and buildings. They are also used to design the wing of aircrafts.

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What construction methods that are used to make buildings earthquake proof?

Simple - brace all corners Complex - add shock absorbers, pendulum masses, cross bracing and energy absorbing foundations.

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How do you pick the size of the ceiling joist and why?

The factors that are involved are the span you are covering, the type of roof and the pitch of it. How you are bracing the rafters. Wider the span, wider the joist. 2x6 is usually enough for most house construction.

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