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That's the outdated system of units used mainly in the United States, which (among other things) uses feet and miles instead of meters and kilometers; gallons instead of liters; and pounds instead of kilograms.

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Q: What is imperial systems of mesurenment?
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What are the 2 systems of measurements?

The Two systems of measurement are Imperial and Metric.

What are the different systems of measurements?

imperial, metric

What are the 2 standard system of measurement?

Imperial and Metric Systems.

Name three systems of measurement?

Imperial Metric Kelvin

What number systems is 36 in?

Thirty-six inches is representative of the Imperial and US Customary Systems of Units.

Examples of imperial and metric systems?

The imperial system has been replaced by the metric systems in most of the countries. Examples of imperial system includes: Length: inches, feet, yards while the metric system includes meter for length and kilogram for mass.

How do you interpret imperial and metic systems of measurement?

They are simply two measurement systems based on basic units which are different.

What are the 2 types of measurement systems?

metric and imperial metric- scientists use this method imperial- some countries still use this method

Why does any county continue to use the imperial system?

The imperial system is as good as the other systems like the metric system and it is easy to learn and teach it. in addition, the imperial system is universal in nature.

7 How do you interpret imperial and metric systems of measurement?

Imperial and metric systems of measurement can be interpreted by a metric conversion table and chart. The measuring scheme is available from various online companies like French Property Company.

There are two types of basic measurement systems used world wide?

Metric and Imperial.

Is a meter customary or metric?

The opposing systems are imperial and metric, not customary. But, meters are metric.

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