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Q: What is in math minus five plus parenthesise minus nine parenthesise equals?
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Does the color RED equals plus or minus?

red is minus in math

What number is X in this math problem seven equals the square root of X minus five plus two?


What is a minus times minus?

Simple math rules state that a negative times a negative equals a positive!

What is fourteen minus five?

it is 9 math i so easy!

What is two thirds parenthesis a minus six equals negative ten?

its a math problem


Thirty seven minus five is thirty two. Learning primary math functions such as addition and subtraction will make learning higher levels of math easier. Math can be a lot of fun.

18 -4 x equals negative 2?

The answer to the math problem of 18 minus 4x equals negative 2 is x equals 5.

Solve the math problem minus one sixth minus two thirds equals?

(-1/6) - 2/3 = -0.8333333332

What does a plus with a minus under it mean math?

A plus with a minus under it means "plus or minus" in math.

45 of 540?

Forty five times five hundred forty equals 24300. This is a math problem.

Is decrease in math is minus or plus?

In math decrease means minus and increase means plus

How do you solve this math problem twenty minus five minus thirteen?

you solve it from left to right 20-5=15 15-13=2 2 is your final answer

What does 28 degrees minus 9 degrees equal?

Hahah funny.. 28 degrees minus 9 degrees equals 19 degrees of course. Its simple math.

When you have a math problem that requires a minus what are the names of each part?

If you are thinking of a simple subtraction problem: 18 minus 11 equals 7. 18 is the minuend, 11 is the subtrahend, and 7 is the difference.

-7 plus 12?

The equation -7 plus 12 equals out to be five. This is a math problem.

What does a minus and minus make in math?

It makes a -2 from the answer you get in the end.

Estimate a range for the sum?

The data wasn't provided to answer this question. The range in math is the highest number minus the lowest number. For example 30,20,10,5 the range would be 30 minus 5 which equals 25.

What is 2009 minus 1957?

2009 minus 1957 is 52. This math problem was pretty easy. All you do is use mental math.

What can you do in math to equals 12 only using these numbers 2 36 6 3?

(36 divided by 6 minus 2) times 3

What is negative 81 minus negative 67equal?

Eight one take away negative sixty seven equals negative fourteen. This is a math problem.

What is 238 minus 92?

238 minus 92 is 146. Simple math.

How do you solve this math problem three x minus five x plus 4x?

3x - 5x + 4x = -2x +4x = 2x

5 2 plus 2?

Five times 2 plus 2 equals 12. This is a math problem.

What is5-1 6?

The equation five take away sixteen equals out to be eleven. This is known as a math problem.

What is the minus sign used for?

the minus sign is used for subtraction in math. it shows that you are subtracting