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little tubes to suck up water

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Q: What is in the inside of roots?
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What part of the tooth is inside your gums?

the roots

How do a plant's roots break down rocks?

If a plant has roots that are inside cracks inside a rock, the roots can force deeper into the rock as the roots and the plant continue to grow, splitting the rock apart over time. This can happen when trees grow near pavements (cracks in the tarmac).

What is hard lumps on the inside of the gums?

The roots of your teeth.

Are seaweeds floating plants?

no, seaweeds are the plants that live inside the seawater and have roots inside the land of sea

What part of the plant does flour come from?

Flour comes from the roots of the plant. There is a natural powder inside of the roots to make flour.

Can tree roots cause plumbing leaks?

Yes they can. Tree roots, as they grow and spread, will "burrow" through pipes that are in their growth, path .. I have personally seen roots inside pipes.

Can a marijuana plant grow its roots back when flowering?

want to smoke with me baby and i will grow my roots inside of you ;) and we can flower babies everywhere

What happens inside carrot plants to cause sweet tasting roots?

Carrot roots store sugar that is produced by photosynthesis in the leaves.

Where is the root hair cell found?

It is found inside the roots of a plant.

What force allows roots to grow inside soil?

Gravity or Gravitropism

How is biology a science of exception?

usually trees have roots inside the soil but some trees . have roots above the ground level eg.banyan tree

How do the roots of plants cause weathering?

Plant and roots cause weathering when the roots spread inside the rock causing it to push apart. The growth loosens and breaks ok pieces of the rock or mountain. - raegand

How do you enter square roots on quickmathcom?

sqrt(number goes inside parenthesis)

What is found inside your backbone?

Marrow, spinal fluid, nerve roots and nerves

What helps a plant to get water?

the roots have hairlike extentions that get wet from the inside out because there so small. forcing water to fill the entire roots on the inside. redwood trees are believed to absore fog through there leaves

Where is the plant stem located?

The plant stem is located under ground inside the roots.

Why can you feel it when someone is touching your hair?

Your hairs have nerves attached to the roots inside your skin.

Why are chloroplast less common in roots?

Because chloroplast cells are one of the few cells that mainly reproduce in direct sunlight, so since roots are inside the ground/ or Earth cholorplast cells are less commonly found in roots.

What are main types of roots?

Adventitious roots, aerating roots, aerial roots, contractile roots, coarse roots, fine rootsm haustorial roots, propagative roots, proteoid roots, stilt roots, storage roots, structural roots, surface roots, and tuberous roots.

Why are no inner leaves present in potato?

Because a potato is a ROOT. Roots don't generally have leaves inside them.

What is found inside the stem of a plant?

You Find inside a stem canals that allow it to transport water, food, and nutrients which transports it to the roots and leaves all out around the plant.

What kind of roots does roots have?

Roots don't have roots, plants have roots.

What hair colorings go good together?

blond and black..... black on the roots and the inside layers, blond on the outside

What are plants fully made of?

It is made of stem, flower, leaves and roots. It may has many other parts inside it.

What do seed coat cover the inside of a seed the outer layer of a seed the roots of a plant?

Kill yo self.