What is inaccurate?

Updated: 6/1/2023
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1. Definition:

Casual observation & mistaken recollection

2. Example:

Not remembering what your roommate wore this morning.

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Q: What is inaccurate?
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How do you use inaccurate in a sentence?

the lyrics to that song were inaccurate.

How much of The Help is inaccurate?

approx 11.37% of The Help is inaccurate

Inaccurate in a sentence?

inaccurate is the opposite of accurate, it means you are wrong.

How do you spell inaccurate?

That is the correct spelling of "inaccurate" (not correct, or not precise).

What is the antonym for accurate?

antonym for "accurate" would be imprecise; inexact; inaccurate; incorrect; off the mark;

When was An Inaccurate Memoir created?

An Inaccurate Memoir was created on April 24th, 2012.

How do you know when you are giving inaccurate answers?

You know when you are giving inaccurate answers when you don't know the answer. If you believe you sort of know the answer, but don't really know it, chances are that you are giving inaccurate answers. It is up to you whether or not you know when you are giving inaccurate answers.

What is a sentence using the word inaccurate?

the girl was inaccurate when she said the answer to 1+1 was 100.

Can you give an example of sentence using inaccurate?

Many websites provide inaccurate information.

What was the most inaccurate version of pi who when what the value?

The most inaccurate version of PI would have to be...

What is the opposite of inaccurate?

The opposite of inaccurate is accurate. Other words that might apply are correct or exact.

What can cause EIA to give inaccurate results?

Pregnancy and hemophilia are two main reasons that these tests are inaccurate.