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what are irrational and radicals and rationals

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Q: What is irrational and radicals?
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Are all irrational numbers radical?

No they are not. The numbers Pi and e are irrational and are not radicals. There are many others.

Do radicals represent irrational numbers?

Sometimes. The square root of 2 is, but the square root of 9 is not.

are all non perfect square radicals irrational?

No. 4/9 is not a perfect square but radical(4/9) = 2/3 is rational.

What is meant by acidic radicals?

electronegative radicals are anions or acid radicals.

Can a rational number be a radicle?

If you are taking the square root of a non-square number (not 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36 etc.), then you have an irrational number. Radicals are not rationals.

What is acidic radicals?

what are acidic radicals group one

What are similar radicals?

similar radicals are radicals with desame index and radicand ex: the square root of 5 squared

Is the square root of 5.777 rational or irrational?

Irrational. Irrational. Irrational. Irrational.

How can unlike radicals be changed into like radicals?

Multiply by the conjugate.

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Is the square root of 0.025 irrational or rational?

It is irrational.

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Is 37.5 a rational or irrational number?


Is 4.46466... rational or irrational?


Is a negative irrational number irrational?

If it says "negative irrational", then obviously it is irrational.

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Radicals with the same radicand and same index?

Like terms or like radicals

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