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Q: Is the square root of 91 rational or irrational?
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Is the square root of 91 irrational or a rational number?


What is the square root of 91?

The square root of 91 is not a rational number. the best way to express that number is by using the term the square root of 91 or 91^1/2 or sqrt(91) The answer, then, is 9.539 (approx).

Is the square root of 22 a rational number?

The square root of 22 is NOT a rational number. There is no integer which when multiplied by itself gives 22. Thus, it is not a perfect square. A number is a rational number if it is the quotient of two integers. :)

Is the square root of eighteen an irrational number?

Yes. It would be 21/2 * 91/2, or "three root two". Root two is an irrational number, so it's products - such as root 18, will be as well.

What is the square root of 8281?

The square root of 8281 is 91.

Square root of 91?


What two integers are between square root 91?

The square root of 91 is between 9 and 10

Examples of irrational and rational numbers?

5, -7.986543, 37/91, sqrt(64), 193 are all rational. sqrt(2), pi, e, cuberoot(32) are all irrational.

Is 91 a square number?

NoSquare root of 91 = 9.53939201Not a whole number, therefore not a square number

Is 0.91 a rational number?

i thing o.91 is irrational because irrational number can not be written as a fraction they can only be written as numbers with Decimals

Is -9.1 an irrational number?

-9.1 is the ratio of -91 and ' 10 '. Completely rational. Hint: Any number that you can completely write down on paper with digits is rational.

What is the simplest radical from of the square root of 91?

As 91 = 7 × 13, √91 doesn't really simplify. It can be changed into: √91 = √(7×13) = √7 √13

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