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i think prime numbers

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Q: What is it called when all the prime numbers that make a given number called?
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What number has five different prime factors?

Since there are an infinite number of prime numbers, there are infinite numbers with any given number of prime factors.

What numbers is a prime number 106 121 168 211?

211 is the only of the given numbers that is prime.

What name is given to prime numbers that you can reverse to make another prime number?

A mirror prime.

What are numbers that are not prime?

A number that is not a prime number is called a composite number because it can be made by multiplying prime numbers together. For example, 6 is a composite number that is the product of multiplying the prime numbers 2 and 3 together.

Which is a prime number given in this goup 3 4 6 8?

3 is a prime number. The other numbers are even numbers greater than 2, so they are composite numbers, not prime numbers.

What is the definishion of prime factorization?

The expression of a given composite number as the product of prime numbers.

What is it called when you show a composite number as a product or prime number?

Showing a composite number as a product of prime numbers is called prime factorization.

What numbers has only two factors?

Numbers with only two factors, the number itself and one, are called prime numbers. Examples of prime numbers are 2 (which is the only even prime number) and 17.

Are there prime numbers over 100?

Sure, since there are INFINITELY MANY prime numbers, that means you will find prime numbers over any given number.

What is a number that can be factored as a prime number be called?

All composite numbers can be expressed as unique products of prime numbers. This is known as a prime factorization.

When a composite number is written as the product of prime numbers it is called what?

the prime factorization of the number

Breaking down a number to its prime numbers is called?

Factoring. The breakdown itself is called the number's prime factorization.

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