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An Equinox.

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Q: What is it called when day time hours and night time hours are equal?
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A period of time when the day time hours are equal to the number of night time hours is called a?


What is it called when the daylight hours equal the night time hour what season?

It is called the "Equinox" and occurs during the winter season.

When the sun is directly over this the number of daytime hours equal the number of night time hours in the world?


What happens on a solstice?

A solstice is when day and night have an equal time, 12 hours in the day, and 12 hours at night. There is also a chance for a solar eclipse during solstices.

What is the difference in time between day and night during an equinox?

In the Spring and Fall equinox, night and day have the same number of hours. Equi = equal.

How long is night time on Howrse?

Night time is from 8 hours or more.

What does the time 6 hours and 85 minutes equal to?

It is equal to & hours and 25 minutes.

How long is daytime and how long is night time?

12 hours of daytime and night time

What is the duration of Night Time in Nevada?

The duration of Night Time in Nevada is 1.12 hours.

What is the term for the time when day and night are of equal duration in each hemisphere?

It is a spring equinox

Is it true that nobody dies or be born at midnight 1200 hours?

No, it is false. There is a nearly equal probability of being born at any time day or night.

Where is the sun when there is a equinox and how is the day and night time compare at that time?

The sun is at the celestial equator, appearing to go Northwards at the vernal equinox and southwards at the autumnal equinox. The word equinox derives from the Latin roots for "equal" and "night" and so, not surprisingly, the night time is the same as day time: 12 hours each.