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bisect is to split a figure into two congruent parts.

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Are bacteria with a round shape called a bacilli?

No. Bacilli have a rod-like shape. The round ones are called cocci. The singular is coccus - as in staphylococcus.

What are two Continent's split in two called?

If the split is complete then it's just two continents with names of their own (the current condition of the world). If they're in the process of splinting, the split is called a rift valley (biggest ones today are in Africa).

What is the name for a bundle of hay?

well you can different types of hay bundles and i will tell you them! :) the big round cylinder shape ones are called round bale. the small rectangle ones are called a biscut of hay. the big rectangle ones are called a large bale of hay. AND THAT IS IT!

Was helicopters used in the malayan conflict?

Yes, helicopters were used in the Malayan conflict. The RAF used large twin rotor helicopters called Belvederes and smaller ones called Whirlwind and Wessex. The British Army had other even smaller ones there.Yes, helicopters were used in the Malayan conflict. The RAF used large twin rotor helicopters called Belvederes and smaller ones called Whirlwind and Wessex.The British Army had other even smaller ones there.

Which ones even and which ones odd?

The odd one out makes the even one in making the odd and even even one odd until the even ones are odd including the ones that aren't even

What is the name of a type of bacilli?

Bacteria are named various ways. One way is to name them by shape: round ones are called cocci, rod shaped ones are called bacilli and spiral shapes are called spirilla.The name of one bacillus is E. coli.

What are the Star Wars ships called?

The small ones that are grey and red and have pointed wings in an X-shape are called X-Wings. The smaller, purple ships in a pointed, slightly rounded shape are called A-Wings. The Yellow ones with Two engines attached to the main hull and ending in a white semisphere are called Y-Wings. The pyramid-shaped giant silver ones are called Star Destroyers. The first ship to be seen in the Star Wars movies is called the Corellian Frigate. It has 9 bright red engines and shoots in any direction.

What is the form of a polygon?

It is a shape that don't have a dent in it ~ And that it can be any shape but the ones with dents.

What is it called when the biggest planetesimals grow the fastest and the smaller ones get destroyed?

The process by which the larger planetesimals grow even larger, while the smaller ones are destroyed, might be called planetary accretion.

What shape are the faces of a octahedron?

the flat ones

What device do you need to split a large network into smaller ones?


What is a state called before it achieves statehood?

Prior to statehood, a region is part of a territory. A single larger territory had the potential to be split into smaller ones which became states.

What is function of monomer?

A monomer is a part of a polymer, which come in varying lengths. Short polymers are used more in petrol, and long ones can be split in a process called 'cracking'.

Why are large satellites round and small ones irregular in shape?

The larger satellites have sufficient gravity to pull the matter into a "rounded" shape, whereas smaller ones do not.

What did the Europeans bring to Ausralia?

They bought Europeans in every shape and size even ones in wacky shapes, they also bought unicorns and hunky punks. That is all.

Why was Congress split into the House of Representatives and the Senate?

it was split as a compromise between the larger states and the smaller ones, the larger states wanted the amount of members to depend on the population of each state but the smaller ones wanted equal amount of members so they split congress up as a compromise

What shape are bb guns?

they are replicas of the real ones

Finger-like extension increasing surface area in the small intestine?

They are called villi. And on their surfaces they have even smaller ones called microvilli.

What is the difference fission and fussion?

Fission: large atoms are split into smaller ones. Fusion: small atoms are combined into bigger ones.

Figures that have the same size or shape?

Figures that have the same size are congruent, and the ones that have the same shape are similar.

What is the shape of the endoplasmic reticulum?

Rough ones are long oval shaped and soft ones are small circles

What even numbers have in the ones place?

even numbers have 2,4,6,8,0 in their onesplacefor example:-22 82

What is the young ones of duck called?

A young ones duck is called a DUCKLING.

What is the young ones of dog called?

The young ones of a dog is called a PUPPY...............!

What is the difference of jazz and ballet?

ones called jazz and ones called ballet

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