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They can be any shape ! We have square and rectangular ones in my town (and there's at least a couple of triangular ones too !)

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Q: Why are manholes in circles and not in square or rectangle?
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Where is the width and diameter of a rectangle?

A rectangle is an elongated square. It doesn't have a diameter; only circles have diameters.

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2 circles, square and rectangle

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A child's drawing of a car.

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A square is a rectangle even through a rectangle is not always a square.

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No. A square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square.

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A rectangle and two circles.

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A rectangle and 2 circles. The two circles would be the top and bottom, while the rectangle would be the side.

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A square is always a rectangle, but it is a rectangle that isn't a square.

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A square is always a rectangle, but it is a rectangle that isn't a square.

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