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When adding numbers, the total is the sum. The sum of two odd numbers is even.

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Q: What is it called when two numbers are added?
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Related questions

What are the 2 numbers that make a sum called?

Two numbers added together to form a sum are called "addends".

What is the result called when two numbers are added together?


What is a number added to another number?

The two numbers that are being added are each called addends, and the result is called a sum.

The numbers being added together?

The numbers being added together are called addends. The answer is called the sum. 4+2=6 Four and two are addends and six is the sum.

Is the result of two numbers added together called the sum?


What are the two names for the two numbers that are being added?

They are augend and addend, but they both can be called addends.

What are the two numbers called in a addition question?

The addends are the numbers that are added together. The answer is the sum.

What is the numbers added together in addition?

The numbers being added are called the addends. The answer to the problem is called sum.

What is The process of putting two or more numbers together is called?


What two numbers add up to -8 but when added equals 8?


What two consecutive numbers when added equal 59?

The two consecutive numbers which when added equal 59 are 29 and 30.

What two prime numbers when added together will equal 63?

two prime numbers when added together will equal 63: 2 + 61

What two prime numbers added together equals 97?

No two prime numbers added together have a sum of 97. All primes except the number 2 are odd numbers, and two odd numbers added together always produce an even sum.

Two numbers which there mean equals 169?

The two numbers can be any two numbers so that when they are added, they equal 338.

What is the sum of 2 numbers?

The sum of two numbers is an equation. Depends on the two numbers being added what the answer will be.

What is numbers added together called?

It is called adicion.

What are the numbers multiplied by itself added to itself equals 30 What are the two possible numbers?

A number multiplied by itself added to itself equals 30. What are the two possible numbers?

What 2 numbers added equal -12 and multiplied equal 292?

No two numbers exist.for the two numbers to be added to be negative and multiplied to be positive, both numbers must be negative, and the highest possible multiplication for two numbers added to -12 would be (-6 and -6) but multiplied, yields 36. So, no such numbers would exist.

Are two whole numbers added always a whole number?

Yes, any two whole numbers added together will equal a whole number.

What is Result of an addition?

The result is called the sum of the two numbers. The operation of addition is commutative. This means that the addition of two numbers will give the same sum regardless of the order in which the numbers are added.

One of two or more numbers added together?

In any addition sum, such as 3 + 4 = 7, the numbers that go to make the "question" of the sum are called the "addends".

What is the number being added together in an addition problem is?

The numbers to be added are called addends. The answer is called the sum.

Which two consecutive numbers when added give you the answer 4675?

Those two numbers are 2,337 and 2,338.

What is the median of an even set of numbers?

it is the middle two numbers added together and then divided by two

What two numbers are multiplied to get 504 and added to get 7?