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Well, if I am correct the water in the bucket stays in there because of inertia and centripetal force. The water wants to come out of the bucket but inertia prevents the water to come out of the bucket. That is all I know I don't know how centripetal force helps the water stay in the bucket though. Hoped this helped you a bit.

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Q: What is it called when you you swing a bucket of water but the water stays in the bucket?
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What are examples of centripitel force?

roller coaster, when you put water in a bucket and swing the bucket in circles and the water will stay in the bucket

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A bucket that attached to a long pole and used to transfer river water is called a shadoof.

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No, I haven't. But, when the bucket is in the water, the weight is supported by the water in the well. Once the bucket is raised out of the water, the weight is no longer supported, and the full weight of the bucket and the water within the bucket is felt as it is raised towards the surface.

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