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1 degree Fahrenheit = -17.22 degrees Celsius

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Q: What is l degree Fahrenheit translated to Celsius?
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What temperature is 38 degrees celsius in fahrenheit?

38 degrees Fahrenheit = 3.3 degrees Celsius. The formula is Celsius temperature = 5/9 (Fahrenheit temperature - 32)

What is the temperature in degree celsius of a 2.75 L of gas at 47 degrees celsius and 798 mmHg?

47 degrees Celsius

What volume will 400 ml of argon gas initially at 30 degree celsius and 725 mmHg occupy at 30 degree celsius and 650 mmhg?

The volume is 0,446 L.

What is the density of NO2 Gas at 0.97 ATM and 35 degree Celsius?

1.79g/L ( I have the same textbook)

What is the density of carbon dioxide gas at -25.2 degree Celsius and 98.0 kPa?

The density of carbon dioxide gas at -25.2 degree Celsius and 98.0 kPa is approximately 1.80 kg/m^3.

What is the volume of a gas if 0.182 moles of the gas is at 1.99 arm and 83.4 degree Celsius?

The volume is 2,67 L.

A gas occupies 40.0 L at -123 Celsius. What volume does it occupy at 27 Celsius?

A gas occupies 40.0 L at -123 Celsius. It occupies 80 L of volume at 27 degrees Celsius.

What volume will 3.12 moles of SF6 gas occupy if the temperature and pressure of the gas are 141 degree celsius and 7.77 ATM?

The volume is 13,64 L.

How much sodium chloride can be dissolved in 20 degree Celsius water into 2 L of water?

The amount of sodium chloride that would dissolve in 2 L of water at 20 degrees Celsius depends on if the water is moving. It would dissolve faster in moving water than still sitting water.

How many grams of Aluminium oxide will be produced from the complete reaction of 1.87 L of oxygen gas at 793.0 mm Hg and 28.0 Celsius degree?

5.36 g

What is 13 degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit?

13 degrees Fahrenheit = -10.5 degrees Celsius.

A 30 L sample of gas exerts 200 mm Hg pressure at 10 Celsius What volume does the gas have at 300 mm Hg and 25 Celsius?

17 l