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One mile is about 1609 meters, so four miles is about 6436 meters, so four miles is longer than 5000 meters.

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2009-12-03 02:57:36
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Q: What is larger a 5000 meter race or a 4 mile race?
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How many laps do runners run on a quarter mile track in the 5000 meter race?

12 and a half laps

Is a hundred-yard race or a hundred-meter race larger?

A hundred-meter race

How many mile per hour did Mo Farrah run when he did the 5000 meter race?

The average speed of Mo Farah's personal best(12:53.11) in the 5000 meters is 14.4351 MPH

How many miles is the 5000 meter race?

3.1 miles

How many laps are in a 5000 meter race in tracking field?


How much longer in percentage is a one mile race than a 1500 meter race the metric mile?

A mile is 7.2% longer than 1500m

What is mile difference of 4k race and a 3200 meter race?

4k (kilometers) = 2.48548477 miles and 3200 meters = 1.98838782 miles. So, a 4k race is about 1/2 of a mile farther than a 3200 meter race.

How many laps around a track would a runner run for a 5000 meter race?

The standard athletics track is 400m. So a 5000 meter race would be 12 and a half times around it.

How much longer in percentage is a mile race than a 1500 meter race the metric mile?

A mile race is 5,280 feet, or 1609.34 m, which is about 7% longer than a 1500 m race.

Which one is distanced longer a quarter mile race or a 400 meter race?

A quarter mile is 402.336 metres. Therefore a quarter mile race is slightly longer than a 400 metre race.

Which is longer a 1-mile race or a 1500-meter race?

One mile is longer than 1500 meters; in fact, one mile is exactly 1609.344 meters.

What is the metric version of 220yards?

The 220 yard race has been replaced with the 200 meter race although it is about 222 yards long; the 440 yard race has been replaced with the 400 meter race; and the 1,500 meter race has replaced the mile.

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