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What is larger five sixths or one whole?

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One whole

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Q: What is larger five sixths or one whole?
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Which is larger five sixths or one half?

five sixths is larger than a half.

What is larger one third or five sixths?

five sixths because it is more than half

Is one third smaller than five sixths?

Oh yes, one third is quite a bit smaller than five sixths. To compare, we can convert one third into two sixths. So five sixths is fully three sixths (equal to one half) larger than a third.

When is one third larger than one half?

(5/6) or five-sixths

What is a whole minus a sixth?

One minus a sixth is five sixths.

Which one is greater five eighths or five sixths?

five sixths

What is one and two thirds add four and five sixths?

Before you can add fractions, you first need to convert the fractions so they have common denominators. Two thirds is equal to four sixths, so now we can add the fractions that have common denominators. Four sixths and five sixths equals eleven sixths, or one and five sixths left over. Now, add your whole, four and the one gained when we converted the fraction equals six and five sixths.

Is one sixth less than one third?

Yes. One sixth is one half of one third to be exact. Two-sixths are equal to one-third, three-sixths is a half, four-sixths is two-thirds, five-sixths is exactly what it is, and six-sixths is a whole.

What is 2 and a half minus 1 and 2 thirds?

You have to convert your fractions so that they are all the same. In this case, we can use sixths. So two and three sixths (two and a half), minus one and four sixths (one and two thirds), would equal five sixths. Another way to do it is to convert the whole numbers to sixths as well. Fifteen sixths minus ten sixths equals five sixths.

What is five sixths divided by one sixths?


What is five sixths - two sixths?

three sixths, or one half

What is five sixths times two and one half?

Five sixths multiplied by two and one half is about 2.083.

Why does six sixth equal one whole?

Well, if you have one whole and split it into six parts you get sixths. And if you put all sixths together you have what you started with, one whole.

What does 1 minece five sixths equal?

1 minus five sixths equals one sixth

What is five sixths divided by five?

One sixth

What is the least common denominator of five sixths and one fourth?

The least common denominator of five sixths and one fourth is: 12.

What is 3 and one third divided by five sixths?

Three and one third divided by five sixths = 4/1 or 4

Eight and one sixth minus five sixth?

8 1/6 = 49 sixths. 49 - 5 (sixths) = 44(sixths). Change the sixths back to whole numbers, divide by 6 = 7 2/6 = 7 1/3.

What is five sixths - one sixth?

4/6 Four sixths

What is larger four sixths or one half?

Four sixths is bigger than one half. Three sixths make one half.

What is one sixth plus four sixths?

One sixth plus four sixths equals five sixths, or 5/6.

What is 3 and one-sixths minus 2 and one-third?


How many sixths are in 3 halves?

There are nine sixths because one whole equals six sixths and one half equals three sixths. So, six sixths plus three sixths equals nine sixths! Hope I helped!

What is five sixths minus one fifth?

it equals five over one

Is five-sixths between one-half and three-fourths?

No. Five sixths is not between one half and three fourths.