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The answer will depend on what 640 is meant to measure: area, perimeter, length of diagonal. Who knows? Especially when no units are given. It is, therefore, impossible to give a sensible answer to this question.

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Q: What is length and width equal 640?
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What are the Dimensions of a square with a length and width?

Length and width must have equal proportions.

Does width plus length equal the area of a room?

no length multiply by width

A rectangle has a width equal to 8 feet and length equal to 14 feet a similar rectangle has a length equal to 42 feet what is its width?

The width is 24 feet.

Is a square prism's length width and height equal?

Yes, a square prism's height, length, and width are equal.

How do you work out the length and width of a square?

The length and width of a square are equal. Thus, find the square root of the area and the answer = length= width.

How does perimeter relate to area?

The perimeter is equal to length + length + width + width while area is length x width. Both measurements are found by using width and length.

Is length equal to width?

Not always.

How do you find the length of a square if you already have the width and height?

The length of the square is equal to its width, because in a square all sides are equal.

How big is A2?

A2 has double the area of A3, with a width equal to the length of A3 and a length equal to double the width of A3

What is length of a square that has a width of 3.75 inches?

A square has equal length and width. The length would be 3.75 inches.

What special name is given to a rectangle whose length and width are the same?

If a rectangle has its length equal to its width, then all four sides are of equal length and it is a square.

What is length times width equal?

length times width equals the area of a rectangle. length times width equals the area of a rectangle. area