What is linegraph?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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it is a graph that used a line vertically or sometimes horizontally

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Q: What is linegraph?
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What is the linegraph of the students here in Philippines?


What type of graph do you use for continuous data?

histogram of linegraph

What is a linegraph used for?

It is used to show how data changes over time.

What kind of graph is best for showing a pattern in a set of data?

bargraph or linegraph

What word that have pH in the final word?

linegraph,bargraph,pictograph,nymph,paraph, and micrograph

What is a linegragh used for?

A linegraph is used to show increases or decreases in thing like profits or population over time.

What does linegraph mean?

A line graph is often used to represent a set of data values in which a quantity varies with time

When do you use a bargraph linegraph and a piegraph?

Bargraphs are used for histograms. Linegraphs are to show relationship over time. And piegraphs is to show percentage of the whole.

What is a trend on a linegraph?

A trend is usually an upward or downward trend. If the line is highest nearest the vertical axis(the lefthand side of the graph) and slopes downwards, this is a downward trend.

Is a histogram or linegraph better to show temperature changes over time?

A line graph would be better in this scenario. Line graphs are always better for showing data over time.

What does horizontal mean if i am using a linegraph?

H for horizontal. You may remember this by the letter H. Remember the ' - ' as the horizontal line which connects the ' l ' and ' l ' in the alphabet 'H'. ------------------- <-- This is a horizontal line. | | | | <-- This is a vertical line. | |

How is bargraph different than linegraph?

A bar graph consists of either horizontal or vertical bars representing data. Bar graphs are great for recognizing volume. A line graph consists of a horizontal line that has points where the line may not be straight. Line graphs are great for recognizing trends in data.