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Distribution bars allow a vehicle to pull more weight without damaging the rear axle or interfering with steering. They function by adding some leverage to both sides of the hitch, which allows for more even distribution of the load's weight.

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Q: What is main function of distribution bars?
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Main bars are placed parellel to shor and distribution along longer side

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main bars are those bars which lying on the shorter span : main bar formulas : Long span divide by distance of main bars puls one = Long span/distance of main bars +1 main bar lenght= (short span+hooks)-C.C C.C= concrete cover Distribution bars which is those lying on the longer span: No's=long span divided distance of main bar plus one=long span/distance of main bar+1 distribution bar length =(short span +hooks) -C.C c.c = is concrete cover

Show the Placement of Reinforcement in a RCC staircase?

It is in the stair-waist from the bottom with min. covering of 15 mm. or equal to the dia. of the main reinforcement (whichever is greater). The main bars are perpendicular to the treads and risers the distribution bars are perpendicular to the main bars and are above it.

What does the main buss assembly inside the Primary Distribution Center consist of?

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The function of the step bars used on cars is to prevent the main bodywork of two cars or their wheels being damaged if two cars collide. It acts as a barrier.

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