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maximum velocity is the highest possibly speed an object can travel before the forces acting on it reach an equilibrium and it is no longer able to accelerate. For example a parachutist will fall and accelerate rapidly until the air resistance pushing upwards against her downward force becomes balanced and her speed is steady, its more commonly known as 'terminal velocity' not maximum.

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Q: What is maximum velocity?
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Is velocity of sound is maximum in water?

no the velocity of sound in maximum in air

Give example where the velocity of the particle is 0 and acceleration is maximum?

When a pendulum reaches its maximum elongation the velocity is zero and the acceleration is maximum

Maximum velocity is the highest velocity that will be reached by a falling object?

Terminal velocity.

What is the condition for maximum velocity?

The condition for maximum velocity is acceleration equals zero; dv/dt = a= o.

What are the ratings and certificates for Maximum Velocity - 2003?

Maximum Velocity - 2003 is rated/received certificates of: USA:PG-13

What isnit called when an object is moving at its maximum velocity?

Terminal Velocity

What will be the maximum velocity produced while the car moving in the maximum speed?

maximum torque

Where is the maximum kinetic energy on the inclined plane?

At the point where the velocity is the maximum

Is the highest velocity that will be reached by a falling object maximum velocity?

Terminal velocity is the velocity at which a falling body reaches constant velocity due to air resistance.

Maximum velocity which can be provided by cyclotron to a particle?

Cyclotron pulse multiplied with the maximum radius

Within a carburetor the velocity of air is maximum at?


Velocity of a fluid particle at centre of pipe is?


What is the Maximum velocity for diesel?

90 degrees is the maximum velocity for diesel. Diesel is generally any liquid fuel used in diesel engines within vehicles.

What is the maximum velocity of a falling person?

The maximum velocity of a falling person is about 200 miles per hour; at that point the air resistance does not allow further acceleration.

How do you calculate maximum velocity?

As with many problems, scientists use a formula to determine maximum velocity. You need to know the velocity of the object and the time Then set the acceleration rate to O. You need to solve for time to figure out the amount of velocity in that period of time.

Where is kinetic energy at its maximum?

Where the velocity is the maximum, e.g. mcV and |V|=c, the speed of light.

When a rocket reaches maximum height what is its velocity?

This depends on the trajectory. If the rocket's path is precisely vertical, then its velocity at maximum height is zero. Otherwise, though its velocity relative to the vertical axis is zero, there is some velocity on a horizontal plane, and this is not predictable based on the question.

What is increasing velocity?

Increasing velocity is when an objects speed is made faster from it's previous maximum speed.

How does air resistance affect fallig objects?

terminal velocity is the final maximum velocity of a falling object.

How you use achieve in a sentence?

We will soon achieve maximum velocity.

What is acceleration at instantaneous maximum velocity?

In the case of an object thrown, batted, teed off, or dropped, its acceleration at the instant of its maximum velocity is 9.8 meters per second2 downward.

Does tension change in a parachute?

Yes: The force acting down is constant (mass * g) The force acting up = velocity 2 * drag coefficient At chute opening, the velocity is at its maximum, so up force due to drag is at its maximum. (maximum tension) Drag force reducing with diminishing velocity, to landing terminal velocity (minimum tension)

What is the average air velocity for hair dryers?

Maximum velocity is about 15 m/s. It depends (of course) on models.

What is the difference between optimum velocity and maximum velocity?

Maximum velocity is the fastest an intem can go, while optimum velocity is the "best" speed it can travel on. For a car optimum velocity could mean either where you get the best MPG, or where you can go round corners/over bumps without the car starting swaying, or something like that.

What are the release dates for Maximum Velocity - 2003?

Maximum Velocity - 2003 was released on: USA: 7 October 2003 (DVD premiere) Hungary: 16 September 2006 (TV premiere)