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A unit vector has a length (magnitude) equal to 1 (one unit).

A rectangular vector is a coordinate vector specified by components that define a rectangle (or rectangular prism in three dimensions, and similar shapes in greater dimensions). The starting point and terminal point of the vector lie at opposite ends of the rectangle (or prism, etc.).

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Q: What is meant by rectangular unit vector?
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Can a vector be represented in terms of unit vector?

Yes, a vector can be represented in terms of a unit vector which is in the same direction as the vector. it will be the unit vector in the direction of the vector times the magnitude of the vector.

Why A unit vector is a vector but a vector is not a unit vector?

A unit vector is one which has a magnitude of 1 and is often indicated by putting a hat (or circumflex) on top of the vector symbol, for example: Unit Vector = â, â = 1.The quantity â is read as "a hat" or "a unit".

Why a unit vector is aone type of vector but a vector is not a unit vector?

A unit vector is a vector whose magnitude is one. Vectors can have magnitudes that are bigger or smaller than one so they would not be unit vectors.

Define the unit vector?

The unit vector is a vector whose magnitude is 1.

Can you add three unit vector to get a unit vector?


When was Vector Unit created?

Vector Unit was created in 2007.

How a vector can be express in term of its rectangular component?

A vector can be represented in terms of its rectangular components for example : V= Ix + Jy + Kz I, J and K are the rectangular vector direction components and x, y and z are the scalar measures along the components.

What is meant by null vector?

a vector with nothing in it

What is unit vector in physics?

a vector having unit magnitude and have a certain direction.

What is meant by rectangular triangle componenets of a vector?

If you plotted the original path and velocity, and the path and velocity of the 'impacting' force, then the third leg of the triangle will be the resultant path and velocity.

What is the angle between rectangular componenet of a vector?

If the components are in the i and j directions, for example, then if the vector is mi + nj then the coefficients m and n can be used to find the magnitude and direction.The magnitude is the hypotenuse of a right triangle with legs m and n, so it is sqrt(m² + n²).

Can a unit vector have any components with magnitude greater than unity?

No, by definiton, a unit vector is a vector with a magnitude equal to unity.