What is meant by sample?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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a process of systematically selecting representation elements of a population

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=it is a part or a portion of the population.=p.sugapriya paranjothi

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Q: What is meant by sample?
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What is meant by population?

The full set of data from which a subset (sample) is taken.

What is meant by the integrity of the sample?

Suppose you took a sample of someone's blood in a tube then noticed a crack in the tube. You would be doubtful of the integrity of the sample because the crack might harbour contaminants that would cast doubt on measurements.

What is the term for a small group that accurately reflects a large population?

The term is "representative sample." It is a subset of a population that accurately reflects the characteristics of the whole population it is meant to represent.

What is meant by the half-life of a radionuclide?

It's the time it takes for half of the atoms of a given sample of a radionuclide to decay.

What are the sample of fabric design?

A sample of a fabric design is usually a square of the material that is a 3Õ x3Õor a 4Õx4Õ is size. It is meant to be paid out on what you are using the fabric for to get an idea of what the item would look like in the fabric.

What is the value of X when 5.3268g sample of alum is heated and all the water is lost leaving 2.900?

The answer depends on what X is meant to represent.

What distinguishes a probability sample from a non probability sample?

I believe you meant to ask: What distinguishes a random sample from a non random sample? A random sample means the selection or sampling from the population is by chance. Looking at the data, one might not be able to tell if the sample is random or selective. Consider a marketing survey which is included everytime you buy an item online. Random or non-random? It is a survey of recent customers, and probably a pretty good one. But it is not a random selection of all customers who have made purchases with clients.

How would you thoroughly demonstrate that a particular organism is the cause of a disease?

You're not meant to have foreign organisms inside your body (excluding the gut which technically isn't inside your body). So if you're sick and the organism can be isolated and cultured from a sample you gave from the area that is affected (eg a sputum sample if you have a chest infection, a blood sample if you have septacaemia), it has to be the cause of the disease. A control sample is always given to exlude the possibility of contamintation.

What is meant by a random sample?

When you choose something at random... like if you have 2 blue socks and 1 white sock what sock are you more likey to choose...... blue

How many molecules does sulfur trioxide have?

Assuming you meant how many atoms - it has four... 1 Sulphur, and 3 Oxygen.

What is meant by the term aliquot in chemistry?

Aliquot is a known part extracted from a volume of sample.

Difference between random sample and convenience sample?

random sample is a big sample and convenience sample is small sample