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Q: What is measured with millimeter?
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What can be measured in millimetres?

well a pencil can be measured in millimeterseach millimeter equals to a cm.e.g: 1 millimeter is 10 centimeter and 2 millimeter is 20 centimeterand it goes on.

Why is rain measured in millimeter and not ml?

by god †

How can you use millimeter in a sentence?

Millimeter is a measurement.I have a ruler measured in milometers.

What is the width of a fingernail measured in?

1/2 millimeter

Is a millimeter smaller than a centigram?

Depending on the object being measured, one millimeter cubed can be more than one centigram but it is dependant upon the material measured.

What is measured by distant?

Anything that is measured in distance is length. Millimeter, Centimeter, Decimeter, Meter, Dekameter, Hectometer and Kilometer.

Would a tree be best measured in kilometer meter centimeter or millimeter?

A tree is measured in meters, except for very young tree measured in centimeters.

What is the difference between a 33x12.50 tire and for instance a 285 70 tire?

The 33 is measured in inches, the 285 is measured in millimeter's.

If medication is prescribed as one half millimeter how is that typed in numbers?

Medication is not measured by millimeters. Millimeter is a measurement for distance (a unit of length); but you would write 1mm.

Is length measured in millimeters?

Yes. A millimeter is simply a thousandth of a meter, which is the metric unit of length.

What units is the radius of a circle measured in?

Any unit of length: millimeter, meter, kilometer, light-year, etc.

What can be measured by a millimeter?

Many things. where I work we use millimetres instead of centimetres. For example the size of a piece of wood is 95x50x700mm