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Q: What is mild right renal 3 cm exophytic cyst?
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What is mild fullness in renal pelvicalyceal?

mild fullness of left renal collecting system

What does diffuse increase in renal parenchymal echogenicity mean and what are its causes?

renal parenchyal echogenicity crf mild

What is pyelocaliectasis?

Mild dilatation of the collecting system of the kidney-- calyces and renal pelvis.

What is bilateral mild increased renal parenchymal disease?

Bilateral renal disease affects the kidneys and functions of the genitourinary system of the body. A physician who gives this diagnosis will explain the disease and treatment options.

What is left kidney with mild pelvocaliectasis?

A left kidney with mild pelvocaliectasis means that the kidney has a dilated renal pelvis as well as calyces. This can be see through an ultrasound and it curable.

You are 13 and you have an ovarian cyst what should you do?

Go see a doctor immediately. You could have something called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which can be mild, moderate, or severe. Either way, it can affect your chances of being able to get pregnant in the future. You want a doctor to see the size of the cyst and give you the right form of treatment so you won't have problems later.

How do you get ganglion cyst?

mild sprains or repeated injury could results in ganglion formation because of tearing of membrane covering the tendon

Your ultrasound shows mild increase in the cortical echogenicity of both kidneys but your renal tests are normal. Ultrasound tests done earlier never indicated this before Is this sign of kidney?

This is essentially a normal kidney ultrasound. A mild cortical echogenicity in both kidneys, and normal renal function can occur in pregnancy when your over-all blood volume is increased.

What is gastrointestinal symptoms occur with food poisoning?

vomitting diaorrhea,dehydration at time lesding to acute renal failure sometimes mild fever as well.

What does it mean when your GFR is low?

A GFR (glomerular filtration rate - of the kidney) that is just under 60 indicated mild renal insufficiency. If it is under 40, then moderate renal disease is present. If it is under 20, more severe renal disease is the case. When GFR is too low, wastes cannot adequately be cleared and dialysis is needed.

What is mild convex right thoracic scoliosis?

A mild convex right thoracic scoliosis is when the spine is curved toward the right. It can be seen on an x-ray of the spine.

Right kidney shows mild dilation of the pelvicalyceal system. Diagonosis-- Right Mild hydronephrosis . What can be the possible cause?

Kidney disease